WattAnyWhere and Metacon Propel Clean Energy Innovation with Successful Collaboration

May 16, 20246 min read
WattAnyWhere, a pioneer in clean energy solutions, and Metacon, a leading provider of reformer technology, are pleased to announce the successful testing of WattAnyWhere’s pollutant-free reforming unit provided by Metacon. The recent testing, conducted in Patras, Greece, marks a significant achievement in the development process, demonstrating the readiness of the sophisticated system, equipped with updated technology, to seamlessly integrate with the solid-oxide fuel cell stack provided by Elcogen for the WattAnyWhere’s 10kW generator prototype. Following the successful testing phase, the equipment is set to be shipped to our lab in Sion, Switzerland, marking a crucial step forward in advancing our clean energy solution that converts renewable ethanol into clean electricity.

Joining the Climate Collider Program: WattAnyWhere’s Expedition to the US Energy Market

May 15, 20244 min read
With the aim of boosting its presence on the global stage and delving into the promising landscape of the US energy market, WattAnyWhere, a pioneering force in clean energy solutions, has enthusiastically embraced the Climate Collider Program – 2024 Spring Edition.

Powering Progress:  WattAnyWhere’s Partnership with Elcogen in Energy Transition to a Carbon-free Future

Nov 3, 20235 min read
WattAnyWhere, a French-Swiss start-up company in clean and sustainable energy solutions, is pleased to share its longstanding partnership with Elcogen, a leading European solid oxide fuel cell manufacturer headquartered in Estonia. The collaboration between the two companies is contributing to the global energy transition and the advancement of sustainable power generation.

WattAnyWhere Joins the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab from Dassault Systèmes, Gains Access to Cutting-Edge Software for Clean Energy Development

Oct 24, 20235 min read
WattAnyWhere, a rapidly expanding startup in the clean energy sector, is delighted to announce its acceptance into the prestigious 3DEXPERIENCE Lab from Dassault Systèmes. This collaboration gives WattAnyWhere access to a suite of innovative software to support the development of their clean bioenergy fuel cell system.

Partnering to Reduce Carbon Emissions in the Transportation Sector with SmartB and WattAnyWhere

Jun 8, 20235 min read
WattAnyWhere and SmartB have embarked on a collaboration to mitigate carbon emissions in the transportation sector.