WattAnyWhere Wins CHF 150,000 From Venture Kick To Invest In Further R&D


WattAnyWhere wins Venture Kick’s third stage of financial and entrepreneurial support of CHF 150,000 for further research and development of the 300kW mobile generator that converts renewable ethanol into clean electricity for EV fast charging.

The startup will invest the CHF 150,000 awarded by Venture Kick in further R&D to finalize a demonstration between 2023 and 2024, aiming for a 300kW minimum viable product by 2025. WattAnyWhere’s ultimate goal is to produce clean electricity out of biomass, using the most economical and safest hydrogen carrier: renewable ethanol.

In May 2022, WattAnyWhere won Venture Kick’s second round of funding of CHF 40,000, used to expand WattAnyWhere’s digital marketing resources, grow the pipeline of launch customers and investors, and support the initial Proof-Of-Concept (POC) activities.

In September 2022, WattAnyWhere successfully delivered the Proof of concept in the GEM lab at EPFL Valais Wallis in Sion, Switzerland. The cleantech startup showcased to investors, government officials, customers and partners how it produces electricity from ethanol.

The next step on the development roadmap is a demonstration of the solution at OIKEN facility in Sierre, connected to a charging point and an electric vehicle. For this next achievement, the startup needs to raise capital by the end of 2022.


What is Venture Kick?

Venture Kick is a philanthropic three stage funding model initiated to support Swiss startups with enough funding to kick-start their entrepreneurial success.


What is WattAnyWhere?

WattAnyWhere addresses a global situation where the grid is not an option to boost e-mobility. For Charging Point Operators, sourcing power from the grid takes up to 3 years and is very costly. The deployment of fast charging points is too long and tedious, and yet huge amounts of clean electricity are needed in Europe.

The Solution is straightforward: the alternative to the grid is Bioenergy! Clean electricity is produced out of biomass, using the most economical and safest hydrogen carrier, renewable ethanol – a unique reservoir of energy, easy to store and delivered safely anywhere, like any liquid fuel, by a strong Pan-European supply chain.

At the moment, WattAnyWhere is raising capital from investors globally. Besides addressing the critical need of reducing GHG emissions from fossil fuels, investing in distributed, clean energy power sources helps build a sustainable economy.

If interested in investing in WattAnyWhere, contact us to get the Executive Summary and start a conversation.