WattAnyWhere and Metacon Join Forces for Clean Energy Solutions

WattAnyWhere, a Swiss-French startup, is proud to announce a new collaboration with Metacon, through their subsidiary Helbio – a Greek company – to provide a second reforming system for the WattAnyWhere off-grid clean energy solution. The delivery of the system, which will convert ethanol into green hydrogen to produce electricity, follows a successful delivery from Helbio of a smaller system previously ordered for the Proof of Concept (POC) demonstration in the lab, successfully delivered in September 2022.

[Image] From left to right: Alexandre Laybros, Christer Wikner, Bo Carlsson, Thomas Chalkidis, Didier Roux

Metacon’s Helbio specializes in systems around reformers, and their expertise has been instrumental in the development of WattAnyWhere’s POC reformer. WattAnyWhere and Helbio are now working together to develop a dedicated reformer designed to support future prototypes and mass production. Helbio has already build a collaboration with the full eco-system of academic and industrial partners of WattAnyWhere while working on the first POC system and is now involved in discussions on the structure around the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) of the pilot system.

The great collaboration of our academic and industrial partners is encouraging for investors, showcasing that WattAnyWhere has the expertise and dedication to develop the promised clean energy generators.

Mr. Didier Roux, CEO of WattAnyWhere said: “We have been extremely pleased with the performance of the outstanding reformer technology provided by Helbio for our Proof Of Concept system in the lab. This collaboration represents a vote of confidence to our full eco-system for delivering an efficient solution that delivers clean electricity.”

It is quite clear that expansion of electrification as well as clean electricity production sufficient to meet the growing battery electric vehicle market has significant challenges. Therefore, we are extremely happy to now take this next step towards practical demonstration of our renewables based off-grid generator and support the deployment of BEV fast-charging.

Christer Wikner, President and CEO of Metacon said: It is very pleasing to see that we are now taking the next big step in the collaboration with WattAnyWhere and the scaling up of this transformative technology. By utilizing the very large and well-distributed amounts of renewable ethanol already available in Europe as a raw material for the production of clean electricity, we can contribute our solution directly to the very rapid growth and major challenges that exist within the battery electric vehicle sector“.


The transport sector is currently under pressure to transition towards more sustainable, climate friendly solutions. While green hydrogen is emerging as a key future solution for the transportation market, BEVs (battery electric vehicles) have already taken a significant position in the automotive industry. As the number of BEVs increases, there are growing concerns about how customers will be able to charge them in desired places and sufficiently fast. WattAnyWhere’s solution provides an alternative and complementary way to create fast electric vehicle charging without the need for a grid rebuild or upgrades. By using existing renewable fuels such as second-generation ethanol, WattAnyWhere generators provide EV charging stations with green, off-grid energy in both new locations and existing gas stations.

Metacon’s Helbio possesses the necessary knowledge as well as intellectual property for the type of development required for the construction and will manufacture and install the core reforming unit converting ethanol to hydrogen for further processing in fuel cells to create electricity for charging. With this partnership, WattAnyWhere is scaling up their role as a player with electric transportation green clean energy solution, available anywhere, anytime.

The collaboration is a major step forward in WattAnyWhere’s development of innovative renewable energy solutions.