WattAnyWhere Partners with The Supermarket E.Leclerc Valdahon to Optimize Energy Consumption and Implement Renewable Off-Grid Solutions

WattAnyWhere, a growing startup specializing in clean energy solutions beyond the grid, is excited to announce its enhanced partnership with E.Leclerc Valdahon, a notable store under one of France’s largest retail chains. After a successful proof of value analysis, where WattAnyWhere demonstrated the benefits and value of using a renewable off-the-grid power generator, the partnership has now progressed to a signed proof of concept. Moving forward, WattAnyWhere will showcase the practical application of their solution on-site. This pivotal milestone underscores both entities’ dedication to optimizing energy consumption in Valdahon and fostering innovation in the sector.



In response to the growing demand for energy in residential and commercial sectors, the focus on securing a sufficient and renewable energy supply has intensified. WattAnyWhere addresses this challenge with a reliable off-grid power solution that supports the energy transition efforts. By providing renewable power independent of the traditional grid, WattAnyWhere enhances flexibility and autonomy, ensuring a consistent supply of clean energy anywhere, anytime.


The partnership between WattAnyWhere and E.Leclerc Valdahon focused on evaluating and optimizing the energy consumption at the Valdahon facility, with the subsequent phase involving the live demonstration of WattAnyWhere’s generator capabilities on-site. By leveraging this system, E.Leclerc Valdahon can meet the energy demands of various applications that require hundreds of kW every day, such as fast charging for electric vehicles, refrigeration, heating, cooling systems, and general power usage. Steering away from grid dependence allows E.Leclerc Valdahon to ensure uninterrupted power supply during peak hours, and avoid scheduled interruptions from the utility company.

Another key advantage is the rapid access to renewable energy, with the ability to deploy additional 300kW generators within days, avoiding the lengthy and costly process of connecting to the utility grid.


For E.Leclerc Valdahon, this partnership with WattAnyWhere also represents a significant step towards achieving their sustainability goals. WattAnyWhere’s generator uses 100% renewable feedstock and captures biogenic CO2 via ethanol production, which can be used or sequestered. This not only ensures sustainability but also presents opportunities for government incentives. Additionally, the system produces pure water as a byproduct, further enhancing its sustainability benefits.

 “We are excited about the potential of this partnership with WattAnyWhere,” said Yvan Bauer, owner of the E.Leclerc supermarket in Valdahon. “Their off-grid generator and knowledge offer us the flexibility and reliability we need to optimize our energy consumption. We look forward to implementing their solution while actively contributing to the energy transition.”


Vincent Muller, Director of Prospective, Innovation & Public Relations at E.Leclerc Énergies, expressed his support, stating, “We are enthusiastic about this innovative partnership between WattAnyWhere and E.Leclerc Valdahon. Leveraging our access to ethanol, coupled with WattAnyWhere’s off-grid ethanol-based system, we aim to reinforce our energy resilience and sustainability commitment across our extensive network.”


Through this collaboration, WattAnyWhere aims to showcase the immense potential of its generator in meeting the energy requirements of not just E.Leclerc Valdahon but also other supermarkets, commercial centers and businesses. The generator can be rapidly deployed and provides clean energy anywhere, anytime, enabling seamlessly and responsibly operations.

“Celebrating our collaboration with E.Leclerc Valdahon, I am excited to highlight the transformative benefits our off-grid generator brings.” said Didier Roux, CEO of WattAnyWhere. “Fuelled by 100% renewable feedstock and eligible for government incentives, our solutions offer both reliability and sustainability, enabling the E.Leclerc Valdahon supermarket to meet their energy demands efficiently while reducing their carbon footprint.”


To ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the energy consumption evaluation during the proof of value phase, WattAnyWhere enlisted the expertise of Naldeo, a renowned third-party engineering and consulting firm specialized in ecological transition. The evaluation conducted by WattAnyWhere, in collaboration with Naldeo, assessed the energy consumption patterns of E.Leclerc Valdahon site and identified areas for optimization. The data gathered has been analysed comprehensively, allowing WattAnyWhere to propose customized solution that aligns with the supermarket specific energy needs. Next, the generator will be brought on site to demonstrate the proposal.

“We were delighted to team up with WattAnyWhere and E.Leclerc Valdahon on this project. As an engineering firm working with many innovative start-ups, we brought our technical expertise as well as our simulation tools to the table, enhancing the credibility and reliability of the evaluation process. Together, we aimed to design an innovative microgrid configuration based on WattAnyWhere’s technology, to decarbonise E.Leclerc Valdahon’s store beyond what had been done on any other similar site.”Pauline Plisson, Director of Innovation & Consulting business unit at Naldeo.


WattAnyWhere’s collaboration with E.Leclerc Valdahon marks a significant milestone in the company’s pursuit to facilitate fast access to clean and reliable energy globally.


About WattAnyWhere

WattAnyWhere is a pioneering provider of renewable energy solutions, dedicated to delivering energy autonomy through innovative technologies. The company’s pollutant-free fuel cell generator converts renewable ethanol into clean electricity, offering businesses and communities a sustainable alternative to traditional grid-based power. WattAnyWhere has flourished within the Energypolis Campus in Sion, Switzerland, which brings together EPFL Valais Wallis, HES-SO Valais-Wallis and The Ark Foundation to put new technologies into the hands of innovative companies.

With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, WattAnyWhere is committed to delivering clean energy solutions that meet the increasing energy demands of today’s world.


About E.Leclerc Valdahon

E.Leclerc Valdahon is a franchise of the renowned E.Leclerc retail chain, one of France’s largest and most respected retailers. Situated in the town of Valdahon, this franchise embodies the core values and commitment of the E.Leclerc brand, offering quality products at competitive prices. The store provides a wide range of goods, including groceries, electronics, and household items, catering to the diverse needs of its local community. E.Leclerc Valdahon is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices and innovation within the retail sector, actively supporting local initiatives and striving to reduce its environmental impact. Through efforts in energy efficiency, waste reduction, and responsible sourcing, E.Leclerc Valdahon aims to deliver exceptional value to its customers while contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.


About E.Leclerc Énergies

E.Leclerc Énergies, a dedicated division within the E.Leclerc group, specializes in delivering comprehensive energy solutions. From electricity and bottled gas to fuel and energy incentives, they cater to diverse energy needs, prioritizing reliability and sustainability. Registered by the cooperative SIPLEC (Society of E.Leclerc Importation), their commitment extends beyond mere provision to fostering innovation and environmental responsibility.

Through strategic partnerships, relentless innovation, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, E.Leclerc Énergies is shaping the future of energy provision, one powered by efficiency, reliability, and environmental stewardship. Join them as they pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable energy landscape.


About Naldeo

The Naldeo Group is a leading independent consultancy specializing in climate and environmental transition. With expertise spanning the entire lifecycle of industrial assets, infrastructure, utilities, and greentech innovation projects, they provide comprehensive technical, regulatory, and business advice. Naldeo’s services extend to support cities and local authorities, corporate clients, and financial institutions.


With a focus on excellence and innovation, Naldeo Group continues to be a trusted partner for organizations seeking to navigate the complexities of climate and environmental transition. Their dedication to sustainability, coupled with our multidisciplinary approach, ensures that they remain at the forefront of driving meaningful impact and shaping a more sustainable future.