WattAnyWhere Successfully Delivered The Proof Of Concept


WattAnyWhere delivered the Proof of concept on September 14, 2022, in the GEM lab at EPFL Valais Wallis in Sion, Switzerland. The cleantech startup showcased to investors, government officials, customers and partners how it produces electricity from ethanol.

WattAnyWhere plans to create a 300kW generator with clean electricity for EV fast-charging, using ethanol out of biomass as a renewable energy source. Proofing the concept was the first major technical milestone on the startup’s roadmap, achieved successfully.

The Genset for the Proof of concept Demonstration Day was assembled through a joint effort with academic partners École Nationale Supérieure de l’Électronique et de ses Applications (ENSEA), École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), HES-SO and industrial partners Helbio, Celectis, Elcogen.

The Demo Day started with technical presentations held by Professors Francois Marechal and Gregory Francois, and a laboratory demonstration held by Professor Jan Van Herle. The agenda continued with a round of presentations on behalf of Campus Energypolis and investments of the canton – Sophia Dini, WattAnyWhere – Alexandre Laybros, Celectis – Jan Van Herle and Steve Joris, Elcogen – Sönke Hüls, Helbio S.A. – Thomas Chalkidis, NALDEO – Pauline Plisson, AVL – Francois Deserti, Eaton – Özge Karatas. The startup WattAnyWhere built a strong network ecosystem determined to help develop the300 kW generator ready for market as soon as possible.

„Developing an independent solution to charge electric vehicles is a smart idea. If you think…  ethanol is already available as biofuel blended with gasoline for traditional engines but with 20-30% efficiency and pollutant emissions. WattAnyWhere takes this ethanol and, by using mature solid oxide fuel cell technology, converts it to electricity, doubling the efficiency and without any pollutant emissions. It’s a smart solution. There is certainly a demand on the market and a clear hope that EV will make a difference in energy transition and decarbonization.” – Dr. Jan Van Herle, Senior Lecturer and Research Scientist at EPFL

„The Demo Day was a total success, with the Proof of concept confirming technical viability in the GEM lab, and the other networking activities planned for our partners and customers to meet and discuss. Looking at market data and discussions with charging point operators, the market is so ready to buy our solution – we have discussions with interested venture capitals to accelerate investments to deploy the WattAnyWhere generators sooner.” – Didier Roux, Co-Founder at WattAnyWhere

The next step on the development roadmap is a demonstration of the solution at OIKEN facility in Sierre, connected to a charging point and an electric vehicle. For this next achievement, the startup needs to raise capital by the end of 2022, therefore investors and venture capitals interested in investing in a renewable energy startup are warmly invited to discuss.



What is WattAnyWhere?

WattAnyWhere addresses a global situation where the grid is not an option to boost e-mobility. For Charging Point Operators, sourcing power from the grid takes up to 3 years and is very costly. The deployment of fast charging points is too long and tedious, and yet huge amounts of clean electricity are needed in Europe.

The Solution is straightforward: the alternative to the grid is Bioenergy! Clean electricity is produced out of biomass, using the most economical and safest hydrogen carrier, renewable ethanol – a unique reservoir of energy, easy to store and delivered safely anywhere, like any liquid fuel, by a strong Pan-European supply chain.

At the moment, WattAnyWhere is raising capital from investors globally. Besides addressing the critical need of reducing GHG emissions from fossil fuels, investing in distributed, clean energy power sources helps build a sustainable economy.

If interested in investing in WattAnyWhere, contact us to get the Executive Summary and start a conversation.