WattAnyWhere and Metacon Propel Clean Energy Innovation with Successful Collaboration

WattAnyWhere, a pioneer in clean energy solutions, and Metacon, a leading provider of reformer technology, are pleased to announce the successful testing of WattAnyWhere’s pollutant-free reforming unit provided by Metacon. The recent testing, conducted in Patras, Greece, marks a significant achievement in the development process, demonstrating the readiness of the sophisticated system, equipped with updated technology, to seamlessly integrate with the solid-oxide fuel cell stack provided by Elcogen for the WattAnyWhere’s 10kW generator prototype. Following the successful testing phase, the equipment is set to be shipped to our lab in Sion, Switzerland, marking a crucial step forward in advancing our clean energy solution that converts renewable ethanol into clean electricity. 


 At the forefront of the collaboration is WattAnyWhere’s commitment to delivering energy autonomy solutions across various sectors, including supermarkets, gas stations, data centres, hospitals, residential campuses, buildings and more. Metacon was selected to provide the reformer unit, a critical component of WattAnyWhere’s groundbreaking system.

In a recent testing phase conducted in Patras, Greece, WattAnyWhere and Metacon achieved remarkable progress. The collaboration involved testing of pressure control mechanisms and calibration of all the equipment so that the system can operate autonomously its operating modes (start-up, power, shutdown, etc.). This phase served as a testament to the dedication and expertise of both teams in assuring and optimizing system performance.

Olivier de Bruijn, VP of R&D at WattAnyWhere, lauded the collaboration, stating, “Working closely with Metacon’s team of engineers has been instrumental in achieving this milestone. The synergy between our teams has enabled us to overcome technical hurdles and fine-tune our system for optimal performance. This collaboration exemplifies our shared commitment to engineering excellence and innovation.”

This achievement emphasizes the potential of clean energy generation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide energy autonomy in various settings. By harnessing the power of renewable ethanol, WattAnyWhere’s generator offers a sustainable alternative to traditional grid-based electricity, ensuring clean energy availability anywhere, anytime.

The partnership between these two industry players promises to drive positive change to a more resilient future.



About WattAnyWhere:

WattAnyWhere is a pioneering provider of clean energy solutions, dedicated to delivering energy autonomy through innovative technologies. The company’s pollutant-free generator converts renewable ethanol into clean electricity, offering businesses and communities a sustainable alternative to traditional grid-based power.


About Metacon:

Metacon develops and manufactures energy systems for the production of hydrogen, heat and electricity. The products are based on a patented technology that generates hydrogen through reforming of biogas or other hydrocarbons or turn-key plants for the production of hydrogen through electrolysis. The hydrogen can be used in the transport sector, industry and the real estate sector with a better environment and climate as a result. The company’s expertise in converting renewable fuels such as ethanol into hydrogen is instrumental in powering WattAnyWhere’s clean energy generator, enabling businesses and communities to achieve greater energy independence.