WattAnyWhere Secures CHF 2.2M in Successful Seed Round Closure

WattAnyWhere, the fast-growing renewable energy solutions startup, is thrilled to announce the closure of its seed round, bringing the total fundraising in equity to CHF 2.2 million. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the company, with the total funding nearing CHF 5 million inclusive of equity, grants, and loans collected thus far. 



A diverse group of global investors from Switzerland, France, Norway, the Netherlands, the United States, Hong Kong, Romania, Germany, Slovakia, and India participated in the seed round, reflecting WattAnyWhere’s global appeal and market potential. Among the investors were business angels as well as prominent entities such as Family Office Upperside and venture capital fund Kickfund.

The successful conclusion of the seed round aligns with WattAnyWhere’s signing of strategic contracts with early adopters in the oil and gas and retail industries. These partnerships further validate WattAnyWhere’s innovative approach to energy solutions and pave the way for future growth and expansion.

Looking ahead, WattAnyWhere is gearing up for its next phase of growth, with plans to raise Series-A in 2025. This ambitious target will fuel the company’s mission to drive sustainable innovation and contribute to the global energy transition.

We are thrilled to have met our seed round objective and to welcome a diverse group of investors who share our vision for a sustainable future.“, said Didier Roux, CEO of WattAnyWhere. “With the support of our investors and strategic partners, we are in a strong position to accelerate our growth trajectory and continue delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet the world’s energy needs.



About WattAnyWhere

WattAnyWhere is a pioneering provider of renewable energy solutions, dedicated to delivering energy autonomy through innovative technologies. The company’s pollutant-free fuel cell generator converts renewable ethanol into clean electricity, offering businesses and communities a sustainable alternative to traditional grid-based power. WattAnyWhere has flourished within the Energypolis Campus in Sion, Switzerland, which brings together EPFL Valais Wallis, HES-SO Valais-Wallis and The Ark Foundation to put new technologies into the hands of innovative companies.


About Kickfund

Kickfund aims to invest in Swiss pre-seed and seed stage technology startups that have won the Venture Kick competition – an established startup competition and accelerator that has been supporting Swiss early-stage companies for over 15 years. Kickfund Ventures Fund I SCSp is a closed-end fund domiciled in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

The partnership was initiated and established by a group of people who are strong supporters of the startup and innovation ecosystem in Switzerland.

Kickfund AG is a FINMA-licensed portfolio manager acting as investment manager of the Fund.


About Family Office Upperside

Family Office Upperside is a distinguished private investment firm specializing in managing and growing family wealth through strategic investments in diverse sectors. With a focus on long-term value creation, the firm offers bespoke investment solutions, leveraging its extensive network and deep industry insights. Family Office Upperside is dedicated to supporting innovative companies and visionary entrepreneurs, contributing to sustainable growth and economic development globally.