WattAnyWhere Invites You to MIX.E 2023: A Greener Future Awaits

WattAnyWhere is pleased to announce its attendance at the European MIX.E fair 2023 in Lyon, France, on May 10 & 11, 2023.

At the event, WattAnyWhere will be introducing their revolutionary fuel cell-based generator, which is capable of converting renewable ethanol into clean electricity for EV fast-charging. This innovative renewable energy solution has been supported by Shell and NHOOD Startup Accelerations Programs.

WattAnyWhere Chairman & CEO, Didier Roux, will be participating in the exclusive Club en Aparté Décideurs, with 300 decision-makers, including VIPs, pre-registered visitors and more. Investors will be presented with an excellent opportunity for high returns in a hyper-growth market.

The cleantech start-up is eager to demonstrate its capabilities in delivering clean energy, anywhere, anytime – and answer any related questions. If interested in a conversation, set up a meeting in advance via the contact form.

WattAnyWhere looks forward to seeing you at MIX.E 2023 in the Startup Area and working together to create a greener future.