Powering Progress:  WattAnyWhere’s Partnership with Elcogen in Energy Transition to a Carbon-free Future

WattAnyWhere, a French-Swiss start-up company in clean and sustainable energy solutions, is pleased to share its longstanding partnership with Elcogen, a leading European solid oxide fuel cell manufacturer headquartered in Estonia. The collaboration between the two companies is contributing to the global energy transition and the advancement of sustainable power generation.

   WattAnyWhere selected Elcogen as a partner based on their expertise and exceptional track record in solid oxide fuel cell technology – their fuel cells (SOFC) are recognized as the most efficient fuel cells in the market, achieving fuel to electricity conversion efficiency above 74 %-LHV on a stack level.

In the WattAnyWhere system, the syngas reformed from ethanol is efficiently converted to electricity by the elcoStack® technology. This innovative and direct electrochemical process allows the utilization of ethanol as a clean and sustainable fuel source, further enhancing the overall environmental impact of the energy transition.

In their newest implementation of the 12kw system utilizing four elcoStack® stacks, WattAnyWhere collaborated closely also with other industry partners, including Celectis and Helbio. This colla-borative effort highlights the importance of continuous communication and coordination in delivering effective and efficient power generation solutions.

Through this partnership, WattAnyWhere has been able to leverage Elcogen’s technological advance-ments to develop a much-needed innovative power generation solution. The WattAnyWhere gene-rators are soon to be proven to be highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective, making them an ideal choice for industries, utilities, and communities looking to transition to cleaner energy sources.

Both companies share a common goal of combatting climate change and contributing to the energy transition. Elcogen’s solid oxide fuel cell technology acts as a key enabler in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable power generation, aligning directly with WattAnyWhere’s mission to address climate change with innovative clean energy solutions.

A major benefit of the partnership with Elcogen is the assurance that the design of the system is functioning optimally. Through ongoing collaboration and feedback, WattAnyWhere can rely on Elcogen’s expertise to validate and confirm the efficiency of the design. This ensures that the system operates at its highest efficiency, maximizing the energy output and minimizing any potential issues or inefficiencies.

“We are proud of our long-standing partnership with Elcogen,” said Olivier de Bruijn, R&D Fuel Cell VicePresident at WattAnyWhere. “Their expertise and top solid oxide fuel cell stack have been instrumental in our efforts to accelerate the energy transition and provide our customers with the most efficient and sustainable power generation solutions available.”

Elcogen’s Chief Commercial Officer, Hanna Grano Fabritius, also expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “WattAnyWhere’s commitment to driving the adoption of clean energy aligns perfectly with Elcogen’s mission. Together, we push the boundaries of fuel cell technology and create innovative solutions that contribute to a sustainable future.”

About WattAnyWhere:

WattAnyWhere is a Bioenergy startup on a mission to revolutionize the way we power the planet. With a vision to support Energy Autonomy, we are not just supplying energy to EV chargers. We believe in empowering retail points, from gas stations to supermarkets, to optimize their energy bills and break free from the reliance on utility companies. Our innovative fuel cell system simplifies users’ lives and powers their independence, allowing them to take control of their energy usage and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

We are committed to providing accessible, clean, and renewable energy that is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Join WattAnyWhere in accelerating the world’s transition to clean energy and discover the benefits of energy autonomy.

About Elcogen:

Founded in 2001, Elcogen is a manufacturer of clean energy technology that delivers affordable green hydrogen and emission-free electricity. We are a European business with a proud Estonian heritage and a global customer network delivering flexible core solid oxide. Elcogen has its registered office in the UK, and manufacturing facilities in Estonia and Finland that have served 160 customers in 30 countries.

Elcogen develops and supplies the technology that sits at the heart of energy security and transition away from fossil fuels. We are focused on driving net-zero ambitions forward with a core, reversible technology that converts fuel sources into emission-free energy and emission-free energy into green hydrogen. Our solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and solid oxide electrolyser cell (SOEC) technology offers an efficient solution to green hydrogen production, reducing commercial costs so customers can deliver affordable energy solutions to meet net-zero targets.